I am Anh Mai, a french freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer based near Paris.

After graduating in Design at the ESAD of Reims, I spent several years working in the fashion and luxury industry. I now focus on drawing, creating artworks for textile, home, fashion, stationery brands and edition. Hand-made drawn and paint or designed on tablet in my shared workshop, my illustrations and patterns take place on an infinite variety of supports.

My graphic style is joyful, sensitive, vibrant and contrastedI love to tell stories through colorful designs, mainly inspired by everyday beauty, the childhood universe, traditional folk prints, handcrafted objects, people and Nature.

Coming from a tribe of travelers, I grew up listening to multiple languages, surrounded by different cultural and visual influences that strongly define who I am today. “Anh Mai” is a Vietnamese name meaning both dawn, renewal and sunray.

I am available for commissioned works, bespoke projects and open to creative collaborations. You will find my latest patterns in the catalog.

Feel free to contact me !